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Park Jungloo

Nestled in the bushes, trees and landscaped alleys of Treellion Park on Diamond Island, an atypical retreat for a nature-based staycation without leaving Phnom Penh.

good-luck rate
88 USD/ 360,800 riels
1 king-size bed
50 sqm
14 sqm terrace
designer private plunge pool
6 m diameter, 1,30 m deep
environment-friendly cooling system
ceiling fan
green setting in Phnom Penh largest city park
en-suite bathroom
shower, sink, separate toilet
breakfast included
brought to you in the morning (scheduled at check-in)

check-in at Aquation Café, Koh Pich.

A novel variation on the double-layer roofing typical of the Jungloos, this large accommodation is entirely made of bamboo and recycled wood. The building lines, evocative of Cambodian traditional wooden houses, meet with the spectacular designer pool, a shimmering body of water accented by concrete steps painted in vibrant red.

The large (6 meter diameter) plunge pool is a 1,30 meter-high cylinder of treated steel simply lodged into a thin concrete slab poured on the floor. The cost efficient and solid structure -- it easily bears the water pressure on its rounded side -- is a new contribution from MAADS research studio.